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Starcircle Podcast

A Podcast Exploring The Talent Universe, One Conversation At A Time.

A Podcast Exploring The Talent Universe, One Conversation At A Time.

“Bias is a barrier” is the theme of the Starcircle Podcast inaugural season.

Starcircle Innovation Program Manager and Podcast Host Patrick Kelly invites thought leaders and professionals to join the conversation about the many different forms of bias that exist in hiring and the potential barriers they can cause.

Along with gaining a broader perspective on a crucial issue, our discussions strive to empower and equip others in the HR and Talent Acquisition community to better comprehend these challenges and work toward possible solutions.

Throughout the series, you’ll hear from a variety of eminent recruiters, talent acquisition leaders, professionals and DEI experts as they share their knowledge, wisdom and experience. We will also discover best practices from leading companies including Hubspot, Carta and many more.

Together, let’s explore Neurodiversity, Diversity and Inclusion, the role of the Individual Contributor in business, Bias in Technology, and more.

Podcasts Season 1

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