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Does your pipeline need a lifeline?

Many of our clients come to us saying their talent pipelines are drying up, the market is too tough, the job brief is too narrow. 

Here are some signs that your pipeline might need some emergency attention:

Boost your talent pipeline

We can find qualified relevant candidates for you in a fraction of the time and at lower the cost. We do this by matching and assessing your active candidates, passive candidates or rediscovery through your CRM. We will match your needs to the right people, delivering pre-qualified, interested candidates ready to you.

” Starcircle has been an amazing partner! They have helped us generate pipeline for extremely difficult searches and are always on track with candidates they provide us for review. Just when we think our candidate pool is drying up the Starcircle recruiting team continues to provide new qualified leads. Their system is very easy to navigate and Deepa and team’s communication to keep us abreast of the search and status is fantastic. I highly recommend partnering with Starcircle ”

Brooke Bricker
Strategic Sourcing Manager

The Hiring Engine: Get
Candidates Faster

Starcircle’s unique solution can meet your immediate needs, but we work best as long-term partners, working with you to create a sustainable recruitment process. Here’s how:

Phase One

Take the pressure off.
Get candidates in.

Choose from:

Phase Two

Supporting a shift towards long-term proactive data-driven recruitment


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