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Sourcing Hidden Talent

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The evolution of sourcing

Since its inception towards the end of the 20th century, the concept of sourcing has changed dramatically. At various points the role of a sourcer was administrative, data entry heavy, tech and search-focused and ultimately, a transactional function designed to feed recruitment teams with resumes.

This is no longer the case as the technical complexities of the position, the rise and impact of social media and the turn away from simply ‘finding’ candidates to engaging with them, altered the demands of the role considerably.

  • Evolution of sourcing
    A term that has changed its meaning several times over the past two decades: what does a modern sourcing function look like?
  • taxonomy of hidden talent
    A broader way of looking at the talent pool: what we mean by “hidden talent” and why candidates remain undiscovered.
  • sourcing funnel introduction
    Identifying some of the activities that take place at each stage of the sourcing funnel, highlighting some metrics that are relevant to modern teams.
  • the adaptive sourcing lifecycle
    Overview of a process that enables a sourcing team to stay aligned with the recruitment team and hiring managers, while delivering data in an iterative and agile manner.
  • through the lens of hiring friction
    Examining broader considerations that are likely to affect sourcing performance, through the lens of Starcircle’s Hiring Friction Maturity Matrix.

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This ebook offers your team a comprehensive understanding of sourcing and hidden talent, including strategies for sourcing candidates and a game plan for targeting hidden talent when building pipelines.

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