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Unparalleled Expertise, Capability and Partnership

We hire the best to service the best. Our team is passionate, engaged and analytical. Starcircle expertise lies in our ability to help clients overcome seemingly impossible talent challenges.

Dedicated To Exceeding Client Requirements

Starcircle analysts and expert advisors deliver unique insights from their exploration of the Talent Universe. We understand that no two clients are the same. We listen and respond, to exceed client requirements.

Why Starcircle?

AI-Powered Platform

Every component of our engine is powered by AI, and boosted by human expertise.

On-Demand Human Expertise

We have decades of experience working for some of the world’s biggest and best companies, providing insight and guidance where technology can’t

The Best of Both Worlds

AI is not a silver bullet. We bring together the best of human and machine learning to provide you with a single solution, tailored to your needs.

Our Values at Starcircle

Start with the client

Our clients’ needs guide our process, our actions, our decision making and our evolution.

Be a talent champion

We believe in the potential of everyone and we are fanatical about uncovering and unlocking it.

Get the data, use the data

Robust data is our most important currency. It shapes our thought processes, sets the parameters for all of our work, and leads us to informed decisions and actions.

Seek a broader perspective

We actively seek diverse perspectives and encourage bigger thinking and creativity

See the circle

We value sustainability and we seek to understand interdependencies and the potential impact of what we do now.

Experts with a Proven Track Record

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Commercial Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

Client Success

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Global Accounts

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Innovation Program Manager

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Senior Delivery Manager

I have been working with Starcircle for several years now. I can truly say that we have a very collaborative partnership. Starcircle consistently delivers Cisco great quality candidates. What separates Starcircle from other suppliers is their urgency, flexibility, and diversity in portfolio of service.

Our account mangers Deepa and Paul Cox understand our business well and play a crucial consultative role in helping us meet our business objectives.

Head of Global Talent Hub

Trusted by the world’s most exciting companies.

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