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Cut your cost-per-hire and increase recruitment efficiency

Recruitment is changing, and it’s no longer clear where to allocate your funding. Starcircle can help streamline your recruitment process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

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Are you spending too much on new hires?

Do you struggle to decide where to allocate your recruitment dollars? Maybe you don’t have a clear picture of how much it’s costing you to push candidates through your hiring funnel?

Here are a few warning signs that your recruitment process might be costing you:

Save money, time and stress with Starcircle

We’ll help you deploy a hiring success model that will inform your funding decisions and help you resource the right way, by:

” Starcircle has been an excellent additional tool for a busy recruiting team with varying priorities and a business that has fluctuating numbers of requirements. It’s productive and is easily integrated into a recruitment process with a very user friendly system. ”

Rachel O’Brien
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition – EMEA

How much is a new hire costing your business?

Try our free Cost-per-hire Calculator to help you determine how much every hire costs you. Understanding your cost-per-hire is the first-step to understanding if your recruitment process is working efficiently, and to determine how to reduce your costs.

Minimize your recruitment costs today

Speak to one of our experts and see first-hand how Starcircle can save you money and give you a clear understanding of the ROI of your recruitment process.