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With over 10 million job openings in the United States alone, demand for talent is at an all-time high. Over  85% of the talent pool is passive, as a result talent acquisition teams must dig deeper than ever to identify and engage with diverse, passive candidates. Recruiters are overwhelmed and top talent goes overlooked.

The best companies can no longer rely on the old way of sourcing candidates. They must develop a system that gives them; a longer term view, a broader field of vision, and allows their recruiters to remain focused on engaging with the right candidates.

Cornerstones of Adaptive Talent Pipelining


Continuously adapting the search based on the data


Getting more candidates moving through your hiring


Market intelligence and
talent analytics to inform
hiring decisions.


A broader view: unlocking
new perspectives of
the talent pool.

Trusted by the world’s most exciting companies.

A new approach to
sourcing talent

The Starcircle offering is made up of configurable elements that, when combined, create powerful custom solutions – informed by data, accelerated by technology, guided by expertise.

  • Talent Advisory
    Transform sourcing from an operational issue to a strategic enabler.

  • Talent CURATION
    Continuous delivery of curated candidates profiles.

    Qualified, interested, relevant profiles to turbocharge your hiring funnel.

I have so many positives with Starcircle. The Starcircle product is excellent, but it is the Starcircle team members we interact with regularly who are exceptional and make this partnership immeasurable to our success. The insights provided by Starcircle in specific markets, industries, minorities, etc are of great value to our Talent Teams.

Jerico Brewer
Business Recruiting Manager

How We Work with our Clients

The Starcircle approach is all about expansion: a broader vision and a longer term view. We form long-term relationships with our clients, as a trusted sourcing business partnership, closely integrated through both our systems and our communications.

Integrates seamlessly with your ATS


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