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Enjoy Everyday

Our mission is to improve the world of work – and that begins at home, where we aim to make each day inspiring, productive and rewarding. If you’re a star in the making then check out the open roles below and apply to explore your personal and professional potential at Starcircle.

Open Roles

Sales Director / Head of Sales



Senior Talent Advisory Consultant



Front End/ Full Stack Engineer



Our Mission

We are passionate, engaged and analytical. Our expertise lies in our ability to help clients overcome seemingly impossible hiring challenges.

Client First

Whether it’s diversity, niche roles or a large volume of different positions, Starcircle can build a pipeline that enables our clients to pinpoint the perfect candidate.

Candidate Champions

We find candidates who might otherwise be overlooked, because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background.

Open Minds

Voices have value – we want to hear opinions and encourage creativity and thinking big.

Our People

Relationships are the bedrock of what we do. We’re open, collaborative and communicative with clients and supportive and accountable with each other.

Our Beliefs

We help companies find the right people, while also empowering candidates to succeed. We’re dedicated to eradicating discriminatory practices that unfairly hold people back.

Our Work

While technology and products are what we do, how we do it matters more. We are a people first company and believe our people propel us forward – even as we work remotely.

Our Team

What we achieve, we achieve together and we ensure that everyone is aware of the importance and contributions of one another. Whether it’s our commercial team working hand in glove with marketing or engineering dovetailing with Talent Intelligence, our working relationships are paramount to our success.

Starcircle is proud to be Certified™ as a Great Place to Work® for the 2022-2023.

Receiving Great Place to Work Certification™ at the first attempt is testament to the dedicated, enthusiastic, and incredibly talented workforce who make Starcircle what it is.

The Great Place to Work Certification™ is based entirely on what current employees say about our company culture and their experience working here. I want to thank our employees for providing the gift of their feedback – diversity and a broader perspective are at the core of what we do. Working together in that spirit creates a great place to work for all of us.

Starcircle Director of HR

I could not be more grateful to be part of the Starcircle team, from the company values to my colleagues, from whom I’m learning so much, going through the technologies we’ve been using, the daily challenges and the working organisation. I can confidently say that I’m learning and growing in my professional life.

Java Developer

I look forward to showing up to work everyday. Getting to work alongside with some of the brightest and friendliest people is an incredible feeling. New opportunities and challenges arise every week for me to learn and grow in my professional life.

Product Owner

Our Values

Start with the client

Our clients’ needs guide our process, our actions, our decision making and our evolution.

Get the data, use the data

Robust data is our most important currency. It shapes our thought processes, sets the parameters for all of our work, and leads us to informed decisions and actions.

See the circle

We value sustainability and we seek to understand interdependencies and the potential impact of what we do now.

Seek a broader perspective

We actively seek diverse perspectives and encourage bigger thinking and creativity.

Be a talent champion

Are your a star in the making?

Are your a star in the making?

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