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Informed by data, accelerated by technology, guided by expertise

The Starcircle hiring engine is made up of configurable elements that create powerful custom solutions when combined to meet your needs. Everything we do is underpinned by data, and interpreted and executed by humans.

Our data-driven solutions result in:

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Are your decisions backed up by data?

Is your recruitment team working in the dark and making decisions based on gut-feel? Are the same traditional approaches no longer yielding results?
Here are a few signs that your team are not data-driven, or they don’t have access to the right datasets

Level-up with Starcircle’s data-driven recruitment approach

We specialise in facilitating data-driven recruitment. Our diagnostic tools and analysis will help you to understand the metrics that matter to your recruitment process.

The benefits of data-driven recruitment



” I have so many positives with Starcircle. The Starcircle product is excellent, but it is the Starcircle team members we interact with regularly who are exceptional and make this partnership immeasurable to our success. The insights provided by Starcircle in specific markets, industries, minorities, etc are of great value to our Talent Teams. ”

Jerico BreweR
Business Recruiting Manager

Meet the Hiring Engine

Starcircle’s unique platform and solutions are informed by data, accelerated by technology and guided by human expertise.

We will accelerate your hiring by: 

Back up your process with data-driven recruitment

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