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The Sourcing Platform for Scale and Success

The Starcircle sourcing platform provides access to a curated pipeline plucked from thousands of passive candidates. Perfect for hyperscale, filling high volume vacancies and finding the perfect match for unique positions. Begin your journey through the Universe of Hidden Talent today.


“It’s productive and is easily integrated into a recruitment process with a very user friendly system.”

Rachel O’Brien
Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition- EMEA

Uncover the Benefits of Talent Sourcing Technology


Access quality candidates faster


User friendly and customizable and fully integrated


Easily share information across your team


Gain insights via data analytics, visualisation and reports

How it Works

Better Candidates – Faster

Designed to lighten the load for recruiters, Starcircle is built for speed and greatly improves turnaround times for candidates all around the world. 

Once a job description has been uploaded, thanks to Starcircle, your recruiters will be reviewing candidates within 24 hours.

After initial candidates appear they can provide feedback, update requirements and continue to review, quickly and easily using features including:

  • Quick Candidate Preview – showcases candidate highlights
  • Instant Augmentation – adds email addresses and social media information
  • Automated workflows – enables engagement with candidates

Once reviewing the pipeline, preferred candidates can be added to an ATS or CRM seamlessly.

Integrates seamlessly with your ATS

Reporting and Communication

Through streamlining communications, ease of collaboration and data retention, Starcircle makes decision-making easier for your team now and in the future. The team can

Rate and comment on candidate profiles

Collaborate on and off the platform

Calibrate and recalibrate for current and future searches

Data and Insights

Good decisions come from good data. Starcircle gives your team the data needed to make better decisions, particularly when it comes to expanding or adapting your search for passive talent. 

The Starcircle platform provides robust reporting and data analytics related to market intelligence, candidate availability, and user activity and preferences.

Begin your journey through the Universe of Hidden Talent.

Discover how we can help you reshape and turbocharge your approach to sourcing passive talent.

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