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Is your current process slowing down recruitment?

Is your recruitment process fragmented, not standardised and you find yourself spending too much time dealing with multiple vendors and focusing only on the short-term?
Then you are dealing with a High Friction recruitment process.

Here are some signs that your recruitment
process might be high-friction:

See the bigger picture and plan for the long-term

Starcircle can help you take a longer-term view, help you identify gaps and issues in your process and work with you to streamline it, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable process.

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” Starcircle has provided ECRx with high quality, motivated and
outstanding professionals for the last 12 months.
The significant increase and expansion of our database has helped the internal Talent team finding and hiring top talented professionals more easily in order to fill out our client’s requests. The professionalism and charisma of the Starcircle team has made the work experience between ECRx and them smooth, organized and profitable. I would recommend them as our top talent partner. ”

Montse Ibraimovic
Life Sciences Recruiter
Enhanced Compliance Inc.

Understanding Hiring Friction and why it matters

Hiring Friction is Starcircle’s approach to measuring the performance of a company’s hiring capability. The higher the friction, the more inefficient your process.

Using our 12 Hiring Friction components, we can provide a full Talent Acquisition Diagnostic. This will identify where the issues in your recruitment process are, and provide a tailor-made solution to repair it.

Typical High Friction example:

An inefficient and slow process where great candidates exit early, perhaps because of a poor experience, and poor candidates exit late

Typical Low Friction example:

A productive process operating at high speed with the right candidates getting through to the right stage, and where all candidates believe they were treated well and fairly

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