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Boost Recruitment Capacity

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Increase your ability to meet demand without having to increase your head count.

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Are you concerned your team isn’t equipped to meet hiring demands?

Many of our clients have capacity issues in their talent acquisition teams. They want a scalable solution that doesn’t rely on them constantly increasing and decreasing headcount in line with hiring needs.

Here are some signs that you’re facing a capacity issue:

Embedded recruitment solutions

By alleviating your team’s sourcing pressures, we can help you identify the quality candidates to focus on, allowing you and your team to hit the ground running and spend more time on the right hires.

Starcircle can deliver:

” In the first 6 months of working with Starcircle we went from 0 to 44 hires from direct sourcing ”

Amandeep Shergill
Director of Recruitment

The Hiring Engine, helping you to scale

We can relieve your capacity issues and enable you to improve your hiring capability and efficiency. Our tailored solution combines world-class technology, human expertise and incredible customer experience.

How we solve your problems:

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