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How to Incorporate Diversity, Culture and Innovation in Hiring

Diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords within recruitment, human resources and the talent world in general. But how can we make sure that they become genuine principles and valuable parts of how we hire talent?

At the most recent Inner Circle event, Starcircle gathered industry leaders to discuss Assessment and Selection of candidates in a diverse and inclusive way.Below we’ve selected some of the key points discussed.

Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion matter

This can be achieved by insisting that interview panels are balanced between male and female applicants, while also aiming for the same internally when it comes to decision-making.

While this can be relatively straightforward to achieve among the Talent team, who are acutely aware of the importance of DI&B, It needs to be a priority at the highest level. Once C-suite level executives truly believe and embrace these ideas, it can then spread throughout the business.

Embracing change and building trust

Remembering that diversity means a lot of things, including location, background, even thought diversity. As leaders we should look toward balancing that all out as much as possible.

Training recruiting teams, hiring managers and having open, honest conversations around building diverse teams and combating bias is essential and forges trust. Companies with biases hire people that mirror those biases.

Encouraging innovation 

In addition to insisting on balances and fairness in the candidate pool, innovative approaches to recruitment can open up new possibilities. Techniques shared included blind CVs, removing cover letters, optional information asks and extra opportunities to tell the hiring team about themselves. 

Other suggestions involved creating an environment for candidates to perform parts of the job they’re applying for to give both sides a sense of how things might go if they were to be successful. 

While discussing tactics for recruitment and talent leadership in general provoked a variety of positive and thoughtful responses and insights, when it came to the use and viability of psychometric tests and similar techniques as part of the hiring process, it was agreed by all that they are no longer a viable tool. 

Modern talent acquisition has evolved, businesses must follow suit or risk being left behind 

More About Starcircle’s Inner Circle

Inner Circle is Starcircle’s exclusive network of clients and alumni who come together monthly to share experience, expertise and unique perspectives on trending topics within the talent market, 

The events are invite-only, with a small number of invitees and speakers participating in roundtable discussions and debates. Each session focuses on a specific theme aimed at breaking down barriers and removing friction in the hiring process.

Inner Circle sessions are off the record events which aren’t recorded, shared or made available to anyone other than the live attendees.

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