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Supernova 2023: Discussing the Future of Talent Acquisition

Our Supernova Talent Acquisition Conference 2023, held in Cork, Ireland in September illuminated the pressing challenges faced by the talent acquisition sector. Our conference brought together industry experts and global leaders to address the evolving landscape.

The goal of the Supernova event is to gather top voices in the talent acquisition industry to share insights and expert advice about the future of recruitment and talent sourcing. Given the significant challenges in the acquisition landscape, the conference offers a valuable glimpse into the complex world of the sector.

The Current State of Talent Acquisition

There are a myriad of issues in talent acquisition that need to be addressed to allow for a stable working environment for recruiters. James Galvin, CEO of Starcircle, kicked off the event by acknowledging the current turmoil in talent acquisition. Burnout among recruiters, talent shortages across various industries, and the pressure to prepare for a surge in hiring have made these times particularly challenging. James highlighted the industry’s growing reliance on AI while emphasizing that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

“Times are tough for TA teams. Everyone’s looking to AI for the answer,” he said. “But it’s not a silver bullet.”

AI is definitely adding its magic touch to the recruitment process through talent screening which assists with predictive analytics that can analyse historical hiring data, and automated matching that can easily match job requirements to candidate profiles. 

Although these AI benefits can save time, companies still need to rely on the human factor for that much-needed insight and context.

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The Vital Role of Human Expertise

Despite AI tools making the talent acquisition process faster, it is the human component that makes the real difference in successful placements. Keynote speaker Seth Williams, former Director and Global Head of Recruiting Channels at Google, emphasized that, despite technological advancements, human expertise remains integral to successful talent sourcing.

“There is no secret sauce—connections and relationships are the foundations of success,” noted Seth. “It takes people to truly understand talent supply and demand.”

Nurturing relationships in the industry is crucial for long-term investment in employees. Marilyn Pearson Hendricks, co-founder of WorkTech Advisory Inc., underscored the importance of nurturing relationships and highlighted the role of generative AI in the industry: “The power of relationships transcends. Humanness in the function can’t be underestimated.” 

Efficiency and Adaptation in Teams

The Supernova conference allows experts to suggest sustainable solutions to meet hiring demands. The event hosted panel sessions where experts such as  Maria Cullen (former HR divisional lead at Uniphar), Nitin Moorjani (director of talent operations at  Automattic) and Ita Gildea (talent acquisitions and operations director, formerly at Meta, Paypal and eBay) shared valuable insights into finding efficiencies within teams. Their consensus was that organizations must shift from a short-term, growth-at-all-costs mindset to strategic workforce and capacity planning.

Strategic workforce and capacity planning are important aspects of human resource management, including making data-driven and informed decisions about a workforce. This ensures the workforce is equipped to meet the company’s needs, and the shift can align an organization’s strategic goals and objectives for effective talent management. 

By taking a long-term view and considering various internal and external factors, organizations can better prepare for future challenges and opportunities efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Integrating AI and Meeting Hiring Demands

A poll among the audience revealed that professionals are concerned about how AI can fit into the hiring process, followed closely by managing hiring demands with limited resources. 

The final session, hosted by Howard Flint, cautioned about the potential risks of AI and technology in hiring, advocating for a balanced approach combining machine learning and human expertise.

There was a collective agreement among conference-goers that sustainable and flexible AI and work tech solutions must come from a combination of machine learning and human expertise. 

Choosing Starcircle

While technology and AI play a crucial role, human-led skills, relationships, and strategic planning remain essential for success in the field. This year’s event emphasized the need to adapt, find efficiencies, and consider the role of technology in meeting the ever-increasing demands of hiring. The insights from industry leaders and experts provide valuable guidance for talent acquisition professionals entering 2024.

If you missed this year’s Supernova conference and you are interested in attending in 2024, either as a speaker or an attendee, you can register your interest here

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