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The Inner Circle is a community of Starcircle’s clients, colleagues and friends in the TA, recruitment and HR communities. The community shares experiences, insights and perspectives on trending topics within the talent market, through newsletters, videos, webinars, in-person events and more…

What is the InnerCircle

Welcome to the Inner Circle, the exclusive network of Starcircle clients and alumni who come together monthly to share experience, expertise and unique perspectives on trending topics within the talent market, including:

Inner Circle events are invite-only

Inner Circle events are invite-only, with a small number of invitees and speakers participating in roundtable discussions and debates. Each session focuses on a specific theme aimed at breaking down barriers and removing friction in the hiring process.

Inner Circle sessions are off the record events which aren’t recorded, shared or made available to anyone other than the live attendees.

Meet some of our Inner Circle


Amandeep Shergill


Jayna Gonzales
Enhanced Compliance Inc.


Emily Wargo


CHarles Guillemet

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Access a growing community of like-minded professionals.

Explore trends and topics within the industry.

Take part in high-level problem solving and personal sharing.

Discover emerging technology/ programmes within the industry.

Gain actionable insights into how other industry professionals manage emerging challenges.

Learn how to get the best out of the Starcircle platform

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