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Strategic talent sourcing | How to hire the best passive talent

Strategic talent sourcing | How to stand out & hire the best passive talent

The main objective in recruitment is finding the most qualified candidates for your organisation. And even though 85% of these may be passive candidates – i.e. not actively looking to change jobs – 45% are open to speaking to a recruiter should the right opportunity present itself. To stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market, your talent sourcing approach should involve eliminating industry cynicism, mitigating recruit burnout and proactively engaging passive talent for your hiring pipeline. 

The candidates you are looking to hire are most likely highly skilled and already employed, making them valuable assets to companies looking to fill key positions. It is therefore essential for organisations to tap into this talent pool to gain a competitive edge in their strategic talent sourcing.

Effectively engaging these passive candidates means employers and recruitment teams should have access to a few strategic talent sourcing ’tricks’ and resources that will help you reach out to hidden talent intentionally and compellingly. 

#1 Build a strong employer brand

Although not an obvious first step to strategic talent sourcing, your company’s reputation and culture can play a significant role in attracting top candidates. 

Curating your online presence by sharing engaging and relevant content related to your industry and company, and highlighting your company’s culture, achievements, and employee testimonials, goes a long way toward building your brand presence. 

As much as you are intent on seeking out the best passive talent, they too are seeking out a reputable company that:

  • Can clearly articulate its defined mission and values. 
  • Convincingly showcases its unique selling points and benefits.
  • Creates compelling brand content highlighting employee experiences and success stories.
  • Has developed a user-friendly careers page on its website.
  • Actively engages with candidates on social media and responds to their inquiries promptly.

#2 Leverage social media better

Once again, not an obvious go-to strategic talent-sourcing tactic, but social media platforms have evolved as highly influential networking opportunities to connect with passive talent. 

(But there are a couple of dos and don’ts to make sure your industry ‘ducks’ are in a row when implementing an action plan to recruit on social media).

Leverage social media better in your strategic talent sourcing of passive candidates

Leveraging social media as a direct outreach strategy helps recruiters find out where targeted and potential passive candidates are communicating with their peers. 

Start  by:

#3 Utilise In-Real-Life (IRL) platforms

While online platforms are essential, don’t overlook the power of in-real-life (IRL) interactions as part of a holistic talent-sourcing strategy. Networking events, industry conferences and job fairs can all be valuable sources for connecting with passive candidates. 

Consider the following:

  • Attend relevant industry events and conferences.
  • Participate in panel discussions or give presentations to establish yourself as an industry expert.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and exchange contact information.
  • Follow up with potential candidates after the event to build connections.

#4 Tap into employee referrals

Those who are already working in your company can be some of your best ‘assets.’ Employee referrals are a highly effective way to strengthen your strategic talent-sourcing goals in identifying passive candidates. Current employees have a good understanding of your company’s culture and values, and they can recommend candidates who may be a good fit. 

Strategies  on how to to tap into employee referrals when sourcing passive talent

Encourage and incentivize your employees to refer potential candidates by implementing the following:

  • Offering referral bonuses or rewards for successful hires.
  • Clearly communicating the types of candidates you are looking for.
  • Providing employees with tools and resources to make referrals easily.
  • Recognising and appreciating employees who make successful referrals.

#5 Access online resumé platforms

Any talent-sourcing approach requires a little background sleuthing and intel. Online resumé platforms – such as LinkedIn and job boards – are a treasure trove of passive talent candidates and just the ticket to discovering a wealth of information about professionals, their skills, experience, and career aspirations.  

Here’s how you can leverage them effectively:

  • Identify reputable online resumé platforms that cater to your industry or target audience.
  • Use advanced search filters to narrow down your search based on criteria such as location, experience level, and specific skills.
  • Review candidates’ profiles carefully, paying attention to their accomplishments and career progression.
  • Reach out to potential candidates directly through the platform’s messaging system or by finding their contact information.
  • Personalise your messages to show that you have taken the time to understand their background and interests.

#6 Reach out to talent acquisition experts

A well-rounded approach to sourcing passive candidates often comes down to partnering with talent acquisition specialists to help build your long-term hiring pipeline. You will benefit from their industry expertise to help you navigate the industry pain points associated with the recruitment process. 

At Starcircle, that is exactly what we do. Our niche offering is made up of configurable elements that, when combined, create powerful custom solutions that are informed by data, accelerated by technology and guided by human expertise.

Contact us to transform your talent sourcing, curation and engagement, and let us help you stand out so you can connect with quality passive talent candidates.

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