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Pharma & Biotech -Top Conferences 2023

Q1 Conferences

Pharma R&D 2023

Date: February 21 -23, 2023
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Pharma R&D 2023 brings together heads of brands and franchises, marketing, sales and digital executives from leading pharmaceutical companies and also world class researchers in an interactive and energizing setting. It is the only event that joins both industry and academia for research collaboration in a post-pandemic industry landscape. Access to industry thought leaders through our world-class conferences, puts us in a unique position to develop an outstanding range of research and content creation opportunities.

Website: https://pharma-rd.com/

WIRED Health 2023

Date: March 21, 2023
Location: London, UK

Since its launch in 2012, WIRED Health continues to connect innovators with influencers and to inspire business decision-makers, entrepreneurs and medical professionals with its editorially-curated programme. Attendees will understand how the health industry is evolving – and how quickly, discovering the startups and scaleups changing the landscape and meeting like-minded attendees looking for inspiration and potential future collaborators.

Website: https://health.wired.com/about/

Pharma USA 2023

Date: March 28 -29, 2023
Location: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Seize the moment at Reuters Events: Pharma USA 2023 to lead pharma’s internal revolution and drive this critical systemic transformation. Join 1200+ of North America’s visionary pharma changemakers, leading solution providers, patient experts and industry heavyweights to catapult commercial excellence, ingrain patient-first strategies into the heart of pharma’s fabric and heed the long-awaited rebirth of America’s healthcare system.

Website: https://events.reutersevents.com/pharma/pharma-usa

Q2 Conferences

Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress

Date: April 25 -27, 2023
Location: McLean, Virginia, USA

The only pharma event in the Americas region to cover the end-to-end supply chain, it’s the ONLY place you’ll be able to meet suppliers from every area of the pharma industry.

You’ll see exhibitors from every sector: from CRO and Clinical Trials, to Manufacturing, Packaging, and Finished Products.

And with our killer SMART event program that brings together all the interactive features of both an online and onsite experience, you’ll never miss an opportunity to network, source, and learn what you need to help your business grow!


Website: https://www.cphi.com/northamerica/en/attend.html

CPhI North America

Date: April 25 -27, 2023
Location: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

The Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress (PCC) is the premier education hub for mitigating risk and delivering novel, all-encompassing ethics & compliance programs. The event is driven by innovation, defined by integrity, and unrivaled discussions powered by the Life Sciences’ most compelling leaders.

Website: https://www.cphi.com/northamerica/en/attend.html

Excipient World Conference & Expo 2023

Date: Workshops May 1 and Conference & Expo May 2-3, 2023
Location: National Harbor, Maryland, USA

Excipient World is the ONLY U.S. event focused exclusively on excipients. Our mission is to present cutting-edge scientific developments, formulation and technology advancements, quality production and the safe use of excipients, as well as regulatory mandates to better address the ever-changing global marketplace. The event brings buyers and suppliers together to explore new product innovations and potential collaborations. Excipient World 2023 will focus on the role excipients play in the future of innovator and generic drugs, biologics, biosimilars, OTC, medical device / combination products, veterinary medicine, and consumer healthcare.

Excipient World is an IPEC-Americas event. IPEC-Americas is the industry association that develops, implements, and promotes global use of appropriate quality, safety, and functionality standards for pharmaceutical excipients and excipient delivery systems.

Website: https://s6.goeshow.com/ipec/annual/2023/index.cfm

Digital Health 2023

Date: May 16 -17, 2023
Location: San Diego, California, USA

Digital Health USA 2023 (May 16-17, San Diego) hosts 300+ digital leaders over two intensive days of learning, idea sharing, collaborating, and networking to help accelerate the transformation that our consumers desire and our care teams deserve.

Website: https://events.reutersevents.com/healthcare/digital-health-usa

33rd Annual European Pharma Congress

Date: May 13 -14, 2023
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

The most anticipated Pharma event in the world and you’re invited to attend 33rd Annual European Pharma Congress scheduled during March 13-14, 2023 at Frankfurt, Germany. which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions! This strategic conference will provide in-depth presentations and interactive sessions, for the possibility to network with like-minded professionals and discuss how to overcome the current challenges in pharmaceutical product synthesis and product development. The focus this year will be on the latest advancements, research and development to inspect the challenges in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Research and related areas. Pharma Europe 2023 is a specially designed cluster of all European Pharma conferences. The main theme of this Pharma conference is “Challenges and Advancements in Pharmaceutical Sciences ” which covers a wide range of critically important sessions.

At Pharma Europe 2023 meet your target audiences from around the world focused on learning about Pharma and Pharma regulations, licenses, approvals. This conference would be your single best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Pharma field.

Website: https://europe.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/

Pharma 2023

Date: April 18-19, 2023
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Pharma is alive, crackling with the energy of change and innovation. From ground-breaking medicines and flourishing digital transformations to new commercial models and a reinvigorated belief in our purpose, the industry has never been more primed to drive positive change.

However, our post-Covid health systems are at their limit, on the verge of a new global healthcare crisis. Pharma must again evolve to take the lead, rallying stakeholders to reimagine health systems that can deliver next generation life-saving therapies, address health inequities and nurture healthier communities.

Change starts within your own company. Agility and innovation must power every strategy, field forces must be upskilled, RWE incorporated into every discussion, sustainability actioned. Medical must perfect their scientific narrative, patient engagement efforts must reach further than ever before, and all this should be driven by an engine of data and insights.

But most critically, your company must work as one cross-functional entity. That’s why Reuters Events: Pharma 2023 is the place where over 1,200 patient experts and pharma changemakers – from commercial, marketing, medical affairs, patient engagement, market access, RWE and Digital Health – share new best-practice, lessons learned and strategies for the future.

Website: https://events.reutersevents.com/pharma/pharma-europe

Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit 2023

Date: April 24-26, 2023
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

The Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit 2023 would like to welcome all the pharmaceutical professionals and companies, students, researchers, scientists, practitioners, medical specialists, clinical scientists, technologists, and other healthcare professionals to participate and speak at our prestigious Pharma Summit 2023 slated on in Frankfurt, Germany.

This Pharma Summit 2023 revolves around the theme – “Together with Pharma Masterminds: Opportunities, Technology, and Challenges”. The Pharma Summit 2023 will help the delegates to establish their research or business relations as well as to make international linkage for future collaborations in their career path. Your presence will be much appreciated.

This global meeting is a one-of-a-kind event, where you will have a chance to discuss access to key benefits of the upcoming sustainable and highly innovative sectors in pharmaceutical R&D. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical conferences in the industry, has a lot to offer you. There would be several sessions at Pharma Summit 2023; right from Opinion makes Discussions, exhibition, networking with peers, to high-end conferences, luncheons, creating it exceptionally worthwhile.

Website: https://worldpharmasummit.com/

Q4 Conferences


Date: October 22-25, 2023
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Founded in 1986, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a professional scientific organization of approximately 7,000 individual members and over 10,000 active stakeholders employed in academia, industry, government, and other global pharmaceutical science-related research institutes.

Website: https://www.aaps.org/pharmsci/annual-meeting

CPHI Barcelona

Date: 24 – 26 October 2023
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Each year CPHI unites more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals through exhibitions, conferences and online communities to network, identify business opportunities and expand the global market. Hosting events in Europe, China, Korea, India, Japan, South East Asia and North America, CPHI brings together representatives from every sector of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Website: https://www.cphi.com/europe/en/home.html

2023 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

Date: October 15-18, 2023
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and Virtual

The 2023 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo seeks to usher in a revitalized focus on excellence, modernization, and harmonization in pharmaceutical science and manufacturing across the globe, offering pharma professionals the opportunity to engage in industry-critical conversations. There is also a comprehensive educational program on topics like supply chains, operations, facilities, technology, information systems, production systems, product development, Quality systems, regulatory guidance, and the latest innovations in the industry. This event attracts professionals from all levels of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry in manufacturing, supply chain, equipment and services, and global regulatory agencies.

Website: https://ispe.org/conferences/2023-annual-meeting-expo


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