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How to harness strategic talent sourcing for recruitment success

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Scouting out new hires to fill vacant positions is often a daunting, short-term, stressful and high-demand burden placed on hiring managers and talent sourcers. The job opening arises and you quickly scurry around for some decent candidates to assess and interview in the hope that they will miraculously fit the job description. Is there a surer, more thorough and smarter way to access quality candidates who add real, long-term value to your organization? Enter the ‘strategic talent sourcing’ approach – reducing your hiring time, fulfilling diversity requirements, elevating your brand and unlocking top niche talent. 

How can I adopt this truly transformative strategy?” Glad you asked. 

Our specialists at Starcircle are well-acquainted with the challenges associated with the recruitment process and inevitable hiring friction pain points.

The benefits of a talent sourcing strategy

It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming to hire in-demand high-level execs or give opportunities to promising graduates starting out in the working world; effective strategic talent sourcing can assist your business in several ways:

  • Helps recruiters define and target specific candidates that will bring long-term value to the organization
  • Creates a better organizational culture which retains employees for longer
  • Elevates the organization’s brand and reputation
  • Saves time and lowers costs
  • Builds a talent pipeline of passive talent for future openings
  • Improves the possibility of applicants accepting job offers.

Tips to develop strategic talent sourcing

While the benefits of creating a strategic talent sourcing strategy are undeniable, getting started on this journey can be tricky. 

Here are some tips to help you begin on the right track:

#1 Start now

According to a LinkedIn study, it takes about 41 days to hire a new employee, but even longer to find an individual to fill a specialized role. Anticipating your company’s growth and future job vacancies is crucial to avoiding delay in the hiring process. 

#2 Create an ideal candidate profile

Knowing exactly what you’re looking for in terms of qualification, skills, work experience and personality is key to outlining a clear profile. 

Make sure the candidate persona is in line with the company’s growth prospects since this process is not only about finding the best possible applicants for the current opening, but identifying individuals who can adjust to the company’s changing needs. For example, hiring a motivated person who is able to learn and grow as required.

Recruiters employ a strategic talent sourcing approach in the assessment of resumes.

#3 Pay careful attention to job descriptions

Ensure your company’s job descriptions and careers pages are not deterring quality candidates from applying for the job. State explicit requirements and the skills necessary to meet those needs.

#4 Maintain good communication with top talent

Poor feedback or slow communication can mean losing ideal candidates to more responsive opportunities elsewhere. Make an effort to check in with candidates throughout the assessment and interview process to keep their interest. Give feedback, where possible, concerning their success along the journey.

A woman interviews for a new position

#5 Re-engage with past promising candidates

Use data from your company’s ATS to assess whether there are potential hires in the system who have the skills and qualities you’re looking for. Perhaps a solid candidate was not the perfect match for a previous opening, but they may have improved their skills and could suit another vacancy.

A man interviews for a new job

#6 Contact passive candidates

In order to harness the power of strategic talent sourcing, it is vital to have access to a curated pipeline of passive talent. But where are the passive candidates and how can we access them?

A good candidate sourcing strategy will empower you to translate the attributes of ideal candidates into actionable insights that will allow you to discover where passive candidates might be located. Think outside the box (check out our insightful case study here).

#7 Connect with a trusted talent acquisition partner

Strategic talent sourcing is an ongoing and evolving process that can save your business time and money in the long run.

The ability of hiring managers, recruiters and talent sourcers to find and attract quality skilled candidates that fit with your particular organization’s culture can make or break your company and ultimately determine its success.

Starcircle’s industry reputation, expertise and talent sourcing technology will enable you to:

  • Access quality candidates faster
  • Create a seamless candidate experience
  • Use market intelligence and talent analytics to see more candidates moving through your hiring funnel 
  • Access passive talent at scale.

Stay ahead of the competition and create an effective strategic talent sourcing pipeline by partnering with Starcircle.

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