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How to Create a Successful Dispersed Workforce

Considering the switch? Here are three key areas to focus on to maintain optimum levels as you transition, from Colin Hickey, Starcircle Chief Commercial Officer

Tech and Partners

To successfully implement remote and hybrid hiring processes, the right technology and capability makes all the difference. A global sourcing solution is a must-have to be successful in this new world. 

We have a global client base at Starcircle and wherever our clients are and where the right qualified and interested talent is, we bring them together. This enables the in-house recruitment team to focus on doing what they do best – engaging and nurturing potential hires – in a time and cost-efficient way. We’re there at every step of the way, with a global team available around the clock to service and respond to any needs.

At Starcircle, we have teams all over the world working around the clock to service and respond to clients at any given time. 

Enable Experts

It is key to craft a job description that is accurate. This is where having a good recruiter can help you in doing so. We are experts in dissecting job descriptions by critically analysing the demand for each requirement, breaking down lengthy job specifications and creating a clear strategy on where to focus. To meet diverse hiring needs we offer services that surface candidates from underrepresented groups, enabling clients to build a strong, cross-cultural team of diverse thinkers.

Having a systematic way of ensuring everything is accurate and nothing is missed out is vital. At Starcircle, talent teams transform from being reactive transactional hirers to becoming proactive strategic resourcing change agents.

Processes and Outreach

Starcircle has a systematic process which simplifies the sourcing, outreaching, screening and interviewing. We help find the best talent, optimise outreach and qualify candidates on your behalf. Once they qualify in those aspects, the candidates will be passed to connect with the hiring company for review and internal interview process.

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