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Hiring Friction Component

Talent Sourcing & Attraction Capability

Talent sourcing and attraction capability is centered around the question: Do we have the right structure, skills, and capacity to fill our talent pipeline?

Establishing talent sourcing and attraction capability means having both the processes and people within your organization that will allow you to meet your hiring goals. You’re able to quickly and predictably take actions, such as searching for potential candidates within your own database or engaging with passive talent.

Without sufficient talent sourcing and attraction capability, recruitment teams can tend to be reactive, continuously re-inventing the wheel and firefighting when demand is high.

The entire hiring process can feel chaotic and ineffective.

When talent sourcing and attraction is low friction, recruiting teams make a continuous assessment of their sourcing and attraction activities and make improvements and innovations on an ongoing basis.

On the other hand, when sourcing and attraction are high friction, everything is done on a role-by-role basis or simply follows what’s always been done. There’s no assessment of what’s working or not, and no innovation to existing processes.

Talent Acquisition Diagnostic assessment

Take the Hiring Friction assessment to benchmark the performance of your recruitment function using the components of the Hiring Friction Maturity Matrix.

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