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Hiring Friction Component

Skills and Accountability

Skills and accountability refers to both the individuals on your hiring team as well as their capabilities and expectations as a whole—are roles in the hiring process clearly defined and allocated to individuals with the right expertise?

Being aware of skills and accountability is critical because it ensures you have a well-balanced team with both the technical and soft skills required for the volume of candidates in today’s market.

In the past, it was much more common to see full-cycle recruiters (also end-to-end or 360 recruiters) who were responsible for every step of the hiring process from sourcing and scheduling to conducting interviews and assessing candidates. Now, as technology has evolved and the volume of candidates has grown, there’s a greater need to specialize and recruitment team structures have changed.

For example,

as more companies look to source passive talent from broader talent pools than ever before, there is a greater need for data literacy within recruitment teams.

At the same time, talent and business leaders must consider the goals and expectations that they’re setting for the recruiting team. If recruiters are overburdened with a backlog of requisitions to fill, they won’t have time to build pipeline and relationships with prospective candidates.

When skills and accountability are low friction, there’s a clear understanding of who does what based on efficiency, effectiveness, skills, and capability. There are development plans and performance plans in place so everyone on the recruiting team knows what “good” looks like. In high friction situations, on the other hand, roles and accountabilities across the hiring process are not defined, there can be either duplication of or gaps in responsibilities, and there’s no attempt to pair the right skilled staff with the activity they’re most suited for.

Talent Acquisition Diagnostic assessment

Take the Hiring Friction assessment to benchmark the performance of your recruitment function using the components of the Hiring Friction Maturity Matrix.

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