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Hiring Friction Component

Talent Market Positioning

Talent market positioning refers to your reputation and perception by candidates and potential candidates. This can include both your overall employer brand as well as how you’re perceived by candidates for the specific roles you’re hiring for.

Defining, communicating, and maintaining your talent market positioning makes the difference between recruiters receiving enthusiastic responses to their outreach… or being ignored by prospective candidates.

Effective talent market positioning can also increase the number and quality of candidates who actively apply to your open roles.

Talent market positioning involves treating employees and candidates with respect to build a good reputation, but it goes beyond an overall positive sentiment in the workforce. Some companies have a well-known consumer brand, but without the right talent market positioning, they struggle to attract the right candidates. Consider a company that is famous for a popular non-technical product that’s looking to hire technical talent, such as data scientists and platform engineers. Candidates might be familiar with the consumer brand, but wouldn’t necessarily think of this employer when it comes to technical roles. In this case, the company would need to do additional work to establish their talent market positioning in the context of the talent they are trying to hire in order to make themselves an attractive option for technical candidates.

When talent market positioning is high friction, potential applicants have a poor perception of the company. It has a negative employer brand and a bad reputation as a recruiter and employer.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, when talent market positioning is low friction, potential applicants have a positive view of the company and believe it could be a good future employer. The overall employer brand and sentiment in the talent market is positive.

Talent Acquisition Diagnostic assessment

Take the Hiring Friction assessment to benchmark the performance of your recruitment function using the components of the Hiring Friction Maturity Matrix.

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