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Hiring Friction Component

Data Integrity & Availability

Data integrity and availability strives to answer the question: Is hiring data easily accessible and accurate?

With the larger volume of candidates in most companies’ pipelines—and therefore a growing amount of data in their candidate databases—data integrity has taken on more importance than ever.

Having a single source of truth for candidate data and well-defined data standards (e.g. consistent use of geographical areas or company naming rules) has become a competitive advantage.

When kicking off a search, before going to an external source like LinkedIn, job boards, or recruitment agencies, your own database should be your first port of call. But this can only happen when you trust the results and know that your database will actually surface candidates who meet your criteria.

There are several key benefits to data integrity and availability: It means you can accelerate your speed to hire because you’re not starting from scratch every time you open a new role. You can engage with candidates you’ve already established a relationship with and move them through the pipeline more quickly. It also means you can reduce the cost per hire since you won’t need to rely on expensive external sources like agencies. And finally, you can create a better experience for candidates if you follow up and contact them when the role they applied to in the past—or something similar—has opened up.

When data integrity and availability is low friction, there is quick and easy access to real-time accurate data—even across different systems—as well as a single dashboard that presents key operational and strategic hiring data. In high friction settings, though, it’s very difficult to get any type of operational or management information about individual roles or overall recruitment performance. Plus, when data can be gathered, it’s unreliable and inaccurate.

Talent Acquisition Diagnostic assessment

Take the Hiring Friction assessment to benchmark the performance of your recruitment function using the components of the Hiring Friction Maturity Matrix.

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