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Hire Standards

How a sourcing partner can increase, improve and inspire your talent acquisition strategy

We’re often asked what separates the Starcircle way from traditional hiring methods. Simply put, we’re committed to empowering clients through ownership, control, and choice over who they hire, when and how in an informed, balanced way. No hidden costs. No nasty surprises.

Through our people, products and processes, we connect pipelines of candidates with recruiting teams at market-leading companies around the world. While we could explore our three-pronged people, product and processes approach to delivering on our clients’ needs deeper, let’s first look at the numbers.

Consider the Cost

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the average cost of a bad hiring decision is at least 30 percent of the individual’s first-year expected earnings. When the average white collar salary in 2022 was $54,132, this amounts to over $16,000.

As costly as this is to consider, it’s also not so black and white and the costs can be even greater when other factors are taken into account, including:

  • Time, effort and money spent on making the hire
  • Onboarding and training costs
  • Potential costs to clients and customers due to poor performance
  • Wasted hours managing the employee
  • The cost to teammates’ productivity and mood

All the above demonstrates the importance of getting the right person. But there’s more. These figures represent the waste associated when the employee has been sourced by the in-house recruiting team. What happens when the hire comes via external talent sourcing methods? 

Long Term Results

Staffing agencies generally charge a percentage commission based on the salary of the role they’re recruiting for. This is set anywhere between 20% and 30% according to most research. Naturally, this motivates the agency personnel, but it can be a double edged sword. In an ideal world, the perfect candidate will be found and everybody wins. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and in some cases, the wrong candidate can be pushed through the funnel, resulting in the wrong person being hired and another costly mistake. The process begins again, the costs spiral, and all previously agreed upon budgeting goes out the window. 

In addition, clients working with agencies have found that sometimes if their role is proving difficult to fill, agency staff prioritise more straightforward positions for other clients. This causes delays, extra costs and in some cases, leads to the job not being filled at all.

At Starcircle, the relationship is much more mutually beneficial. Rather than seeing each position as an individual task to complete before moving on to the next one, our approach creates a pipeline of talent designed to nurture and improve the overall health of our clients’ teams over a longer term period. 

We come in peace

Rather than working outside of existing in-house talent teams, Starcircle empowers companies with ownership of their staffing supply chain, builds strategies based around their specific needs and presents the information required to make well-informed decisions.

A hierarchy of team members based worldwide and versed in every industry is available on call and can even be embedded on to your talent team, providing training, insights and data, as well as candidates, delivering a wider range of services while working in a genuine partnership, rather than as an outsourced service provider.

Through planning and a bespoke approach, we work to understand the nuances and needs of our clients before delivering a strategy and the team is well-served to pivot quickly when needed based on outside forces, unforeseen circumstances and market trends.

Whether it’s niche roles, scaling en-masse or removing hiring friction, with Starcircle, you can trust you’re getting what you need and expect, without any nasty surprises.

The Starcircle Way

With all terms, plans and strategies agreed up front, Starcircle delivers the following: 

  • Collaborative Approach

Our people, process and product offering and transparent communication enables close collaboration with our clients.

  • No hidden fees

No additional surprise costs, enhancing financial planning and budgeting for in-house stakeholders. 

  • User-friendly

Starcircle is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing applicant tracking system.

  • Transparency 

Dedicated Talent Acquisition Consultants and Managers are assigned for direct one-to-one relationships with clients for better communication and delivery.

  • Accountability 

When you work with Starcircle, your dedicated Starcircle contact will be judged on how your company performs, not ours. 

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