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Reduce Your Spend
with Staffing Agencies

What percentage of your recruitment budget is spent on staffing agencies? Agencies are a short term solution Starcircle helps companies to buffer in-house talent acquisition capability that will reduce your spend.


I have so many positives with Starcircle. The Starcircle product is excellent, but it is the Starcircle team members we interact with regularly who are exceptional and make this partnership immeasurable to our success. The insights provided by Starcircle in specific markets, industries, minorities, etc are of great value to our Talent Teams.

Jerico Brewer Business Recruiting Manager

Hard to find candidates

Starcircle finds and delivers candidates that are not visible to your Talent Partners daily. Find them on our cloud-based platform or directly into your Beamery ATS. Taking the heavy lifting from your team allows them to be more productive and make more hires.


On all L10 and L11 positions sourced in 2022, Starcircle’s talent pool was 56% female, and 44% from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds. This allowed for top Executive level diverse hires.

Market Insights

Talent Intelligence gives real time market and talent pool insights to allow Amazon continue as a market leader in attracting talent.


Stay up to date with talent pool movement with enriched talent long-lists scraped from conferences, events, and university registers.

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