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Launch of Starcircle

We founded vsource 14 years ago to help companies source candidates at scale. Today, we launch a new brand that builds upon everything we have learned.
We are delighted to introduce: Starcircle


When we founded vsource back in 2007, we primarily searched for resumes on job boards, matching and submitting to active requirements. Over the years, a new way of sourcing gradually unfolded. The rise of social media was accompanied by an explosion of tools and technology promising a silver bullet to solve your sourcing needs.

Talent sourcing is no longer a simple transactional endeavour, it is complex. One of the biggest challenges is that over 85% of the talent pool is passive and not easily identified. This has presented a great opportunity for Starcircle because we can search more thoroughly than the busiest of recruiters.

Why Rebrand?

We are launching the Starcircle brand to more accurately represent who we are and where we’re going. At Starcircle, we are developing a better way of sourcing talent, one that is enabled by technology, informed by data and guided by expertise.” We are changing the way top companies engage with talent. We go beyond job descriptions to identify high potential candidates that would otherwise have gone overlooked. We take away the bias and in its place we give our clients an engine to drive true dexterity and diversity in their hiring process. We often talk about Talent Universe Exploration. Going beyond the job description and beyond the immediate need. We are Talent Universe Explorers.

Trusted by the world’s most exciting companies.

Why Starcircle?

The Stars

Sometimes the brightest stars appear less obvious simply because they are further away.

The Circle

The circle reminds us of the feedback loop, everything is interconnected-Clusters, social networks, and human relationships.

All shapes and sizes

We wanted to convey a sense of the scientific, while also capturing the art of perspective. “tangrams” – different ways of arriving at the same solution.

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We’re very excited to launch this brand and if you would like to find out more about Starcircle please contact us.

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We believe that enjoying your work and striking a good work-life balance is fundamental to a successful career. We offer flexible working conditions with great progression opportunities. With offices in the United States, Ireland, and Singapore, we are a truly global company with an international team.. Some of our best product ideas come from within our passionate teams so if you’re looking for an opportunity to really contribute to a fast-developing and exciting industry, you may be just who we’re looking for.