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Starcircle is the talent sourcing engine that helps companies in the life sciences sector source difficult-to-find, highly-technical roles, at scale.

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Discover how Starcircle can revolutionize your hiring process and unlock a world of hidden pharma talent.

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Challenges Facing The Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a number of significant challenges in hiring that can have a significant impact on meeting targets. The old methods of recruiting are not suitable for facing these challenges:

  • A Steady Stream of Talent:
    Pharma organizations often struggle to find new talent that’s capable, qualified, and interested
  • Time to Hire:
    As projects are ramped up or new sites developed, there’s an urgent need to scale recruitment
  • The Skills Shortage:
    Demand is surging, and pharmaceutical companies are reliant on outdated methods, service providers or a tired talent pool

How Starcircle Can Help

Combining data-driven technology with human expertise we work with life sciences companies to form long-term collaborative partnerships, transforming capability and capacity to build talent pipeline.

  • Time and costs:
    Minimize your talent recruitment time and cost
  • Expanded reach:
    Increase your recruiting bandwidth and scale to demand
  • Talent pipeline:
    Build a continual pipeline of expert talent, with the right skills

“Starcircle has provided ECRx with high quality, motivated and outstanding professionals for the last 12 months. 

The significant increase & expansion of our database has helped the internal Talent team finding & hiring top talented professionals more easily in order to fill out our client’s requests. I would recommend them as our top talent sourcing partner.”

Montserrat (Montse) Ibraimovi
Human Resources | Life Sciences Recruiter

How we do it

Through our expertise, leading technology and talent advisory, we identify candidates that are difficult and time-consuming to find, making recruitment a breeze.

  • Talent Advisory:
    Create strategies and programs based on analytics and insight, tailored to your industry
  • Talent Curation:
    Identify profiles and review new candidates, adapted to client feedback and funnel metrics
  • Talent Engagement:
    Candidates are pre-screened, meaning qualified, relevant and interview-ready applicants

Key Features / Benefits

Rapid scale:

We give you the confidence to discover new talent that meets your business needs, accelerating your hiring process by removing talent search times.

Enhanced recruitment:

Have informed conversations with recruiters to ensure you source from the best, diverse and most relevant talent available.

Improved talent decisions:

Enhance your understanding of your talent market, remove cognitive bias and find the best person for every role using analytics and data.

Cost reduction:

Do more with less - reduce the number of people or tools you work with and eliminate labour-intensive admin tasks.

Unlocking a World of Top Pharma Talent

Combine best-in-class talent sourcing expertise with world-class hiring technology to find the most qualified and relevant people for every role. Book a meeting with us today and start on the road to a new and sustainable hiring solution.

Solve your hiring challenges today

Discover how Starcircle can revolutionize your hiring process and unlock a world of hidden pharma talent.

This form is not for job applications.