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Learn how Starcircle helped Pandora to hire rapidly at scale, while also maintaining very high-quality standards.




1.38 Billion

No. of Employees




About the company

Pandora Media Inc. is a consumeroriented music discovery service headquartered in Oakland, California. In 2015, the company made several acquisitions including Rdio and Ticketfly. In 2016, the company had revenue of $1.38billion and over 2,200 employees.

Pandora began working with Starcircle in 2013 soon after their IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. At the time, the company had several hundred employees and was preparing for a period of rapid growth.

The engagement

Pandora partnered with Starcircle through a 100 day pilot, during which time Starcircle showed value by:

Reducing the amount of time that Pandora’s recruiters spend on manual search, thus increasing the number of candidate connects and improving engagement.

Increasing the company’s knowledge of the talent pool by building a thorough database including both passive and active candidates, also providing multiple insights on the talent pool such as diversity, seniority, skills and matching level.

After the 100 day pilot, Pandora increased their engagement with Starcircle and still remains a top customer three years later. Over this time, the Starcircle engagement has evolved to support a broader range of activity with greater strategic value.

The overview of Pandora’s engagement with Starcircle

First 100 days

Understanding the industry

Understanding the company’s hiring preferances

Identifying similar companies

Avature Integration

Read-only integration with Jobvite

OneLogin support: single sign on for all Pandora users

Thorough integration with Avature

Talent Universe Modelling

Broad mapping of the industry to support talent analytics, strategic risk analysis, and creative engagement initiatives

Diversity Sourcing

Pandora’s current workforce benchmarked against industry

Analysis of talent pipeline and job search parameters to validate the capacity for change

Within one month, a high profile diversity hire was made on a mature requisition.

Advanced Analytics

LoreFunnel Analysis: Examining progress ratios throughout the recruitment lifecycle

Hiring Competitiveness: Supply vs Demand heatmap across the US for selected job functions

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