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The Hiring Engine, built for growth

Powered by AI and fuelled by human expertise, Starcircle can deliver:


Candidates FOUND

From a pool of over 800m+ profiles, delivered to some of the world’s most exciting companies.


Faster time-to-hire

Hire the right candidates at the right time



Boost your talent pipeline with relevant, pre-qualified candidates

Trusted by the world’s most exciting companies.

Talent acquisition is evolving.
Fewer resources, growing demand.

The hiring landscape has changed. Recruitment teams have scaled back, and aren’t able to respond to surging demand.

The best companies need to adapt with a flexible, scalable solution. AI is here, but it’s not a silver bullet. Our engine is powered by AI, and enabled by decades of human experience working for some of the world’s biggest and best companies. Bringing the best of both worlds together in a single solution, tailored to your needs.

“I have so many positives with Starcircle. The Starcircle product is excellent, but it is the Starcircle team members we interact with regularly who are exceptional and make this partnership immeasurable to our success. The insights provided by Starcircle in specific markets, industries, minorities, etc are of great value to our Talent Teams.”

Jerico Brewer
Business Recruiting Manager

Use cases

Bigger pipelines, better candidates, faster hires. Our AI-powered engine lets you tap into the right talent at scale.

The hiring landscape has changed. Teams are leaner, and demand is growing. We can help you do more with less.

Our diagnostic tools and analysis helps you make informed decisions, align with hiring managers and hire faster and better.

Take a longer-term view with our tailor-made solutions that will level-up your hiring process and improve you and your team’s efficiency.

Integrates seamlessly with your ATS

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