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hiring Challenges in No-Code,
Low-Code World

In the wake of COVID, businesses were faced with a need to accelerate digital transformation, with 90% of executives saying that they believed the pandemic would fundamentally change the way they do business (McKinsey, 2020).


But with software developers in critically high demand, how can companies bridge the digital skill gap? A new wave of innovative companies in the no-code / low-code space claim to have the answer.

Recent research indicates that the global low-code development platform market is projected to grow from USD 13.2 billion in 2020 to USD 45.5 billion by 2025. (Research and Markets, 2020)


Introducing the “Citizen Developer”

We spoke to Olivia Bushe, CEO at FlowForma, a leading provider of enterprise-class, no-code business process management and automation tools that empower business people to rapidly digitize a wide range of activities.

The Digital Process Automation is a transition from traditional Business Process Management industry and still emerging with the addition of low code/no-code tools to make BPM more accessible to the masses.

Digital Skills such as digital marketing, and developer skills to create software that does not require the end user to code – very new! Also Citizen Developer skills – someone able to
build out an application with no coding skills.

Yes – citizen developer. Project Management Institute now even has certification courses for PMI Citizen Developer Foundation, PMI Citizen Developer Practitioner and PMI Citizen Developer Business Architect (coming soon).

Technical roles, Solution architect with cloud/SaaS based experience. General technical roles. Sales roles also difficult to hire for as not many people have experience selling no
code SaaS software such as the FlowForma tool.

FlowForma enables business users in construction, engineering, healthcare and financial services sectors to digitize, transform and automate complex business processes without software code.

FlowForma is currently hiring for a range of positions including Solution Architect and VP Sales.

Olivia Bushe, CEO at FlowForma

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