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Hiring Friction Maturity Matrix

A new approach to describing recruitment performance.

What is Hiring Friction?

A measure of hiring capability effectiveness that assesses how well candidates enter, flow and exit the recruitment funnel

Typical High Friction example:

An inefficient and slow process where great candidates exit early, perhaps because of a poor experience, and poor candidates exit late

Typical Low Friction example:

A productive process operating at high speed with the right candidates getting through to the right stage, and where all candidates believe they were treated well and fairly

The 12 Hiring Friction Components

Demand Alignment

How well do we understand the hiring requirements of the business?

Talent Market Positioning

How are we perceived by potential employees of the future?

Talent Market Understanding

Do we understand where to find good candidates and the issues that may affect supply?

Candidate Experience

What is the experience our candidates encounter during the hiring process?

Process & Timing

How efficient and effective is our recruitment process at managing candidates through screening, assessment and selection?

Skills and Accountability

Are roles in the hiring process clearly defined and allocated to individuals with the right expertise?

Talent Sourcing & Attraction Capability

Do we have the right structure, skills and capacity to fill our talent pipeline?

Assessment & Selection

Are screening, assessment and selection practices aligned with hiring requirements?

Technology Enablement

Does our recruitment technology support our hiring process?

Data Integrity & Availability

Is hiring data accessible when required and accurate?

Performance Measurement & Benchmarking

Are we measuring and understanding our hiring performance?

Continuous Improvement

Are we continuously implementing improvement initiatives?

Talent Acquisition Diagnostic assessment

Take the Hiring Friction assessment to benchmark the performance of your recruitment function using the components of the Hiring Friction Maturity Matrix.

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